The College of African Wildlife Management, MWEKA

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Why Study At CAWM

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Why Study At CAWM

  1. It is dedicated in providing high quality field practical training and produce competent graduands.

  2. Opportunity to visit different protected areas of Tanzania, each with unique features offering different experiences and knowledge

  3. It has modern and adequate infrastructures and facilitates

  4. Opportunity to interact with different people from within and outside Tanzania and therefore experience different cultural diversity

Why should we approach you as an individual to study at Mweka?

  1. We recognise and attend to individual career aspirations for focused prospective students like you

  2. Our training programmes will develop your knowledge, skills and attitude in wildlife management according to your career aspirations. If you are aspiring to become a wildlife manager, wildlife-based tourism service provider, wildlife researcher, we can guide you to achieve your career vision.

  3. As alumni of the College you will join a global network of dedicated wildlife managers.