Catering services

The College owns a cafeteria that is outsourced to a private service provider. Students can use this facility or use alternative facilities outside the campus. Through CAWMSO, students are responsible for administration of cafeteria services. They elect a Cafeteria Committee, which works with the cafeteria service provider on all matters related to cafeteria services. Any complaints or suggestions regarding catering should be reported to the Cafeteria Committee and the service provider. The Dean of Students and Contract Manager for the College act as links between the cafeteria service provider(s) on matters related to the contract between the service provider and the College. The College is not responsible for the provision of food or the effects of food taken by students on or off-campus. The students want to know that the food they are eating is sourced responsibly from sustainable sources and affordable dining options at times that fit around their academic and social schedules. We take inspiration from contemporary food halls and the high street to develop a variety of attractive retail offers that provide choice, convenience and value for money.

Cooking in the hostels is strictly prohibited. Students are not allowed to keep any cooking or cooling appliances in their rooms. Regular inspections in the hostels will be conducted to enforce this rule. Violation will attract a penalty guided by the College Rules and Regulations for students.