Accommodation services

The Students Accommodation Policy is designed to ensure College Hostels increases the number of rooms with affordable price rates to allow many students to rent in campus. If you want to rent in the College hostel make sure you report and register early as possible after receiving of your admission letter. The demand of the rooms varies each academic year depending on the turn up of the number of students offered the admission letter. It takes about two hours to rent in the College hostels after payment of accommodation fee. The categories of students who will be given higher priority to be accommodated in the College hostels are as follows;

  • First come first served
  • Physically challenged
  • Foreign students
  • Certificates and first year diploma female students
  • First year undergraduate students
  • Non-degree continuing students
  • Undergraduate continuing students
  • First year Postgraduate students
  • Postgraduate continuing students

Accommodation rates in the College hostel rooms are;

  • Single rooms TZS 1,150,000 USD 500
  • Double shared rooms TZS 690,000 USD 300
  • Triple shared rooms TZS 575,000 USD 250
  • Quadruple shared rooms TZS 490,000 USD 200