Potential Collaboration Between CAWM and Mendel University: A Gateway to Academic Growth and Research Advancement

The College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka, and Mendel University, Czech Republic, have marked the beginning of a promising collaboration between the two institutions focused on research, faculty, and student exchange.

The intention for collaboration was sealed during Dr. Jiří Schneider 's visit to Mweka, where discussions were held on potential joint projects and opportunities for mutual benefit. The partnership aims to enhance academic and cultural exchange between Africa and Europe, fostering a global perspective in wildlife management education.

Dr. Jiří expressed genuine enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting the potential for joint projects and knowledge exchange. The College eagerly anticipates further discussions with Mendel University to solidify this alliance and create meaningful opportunities for academic growth and exchange.

The collaboration holds great promise for expanding research initiatives, fostering international relationships, and enhancing educational experiences for both students and faculty. CAWM is particularly excited about the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Jiří and his team on projects aimed at advancing wildlife management practices and conservation efforts.

By joining forces with Mendel University, CAWM aims to create a dynamic partnership that not only benefits the institutions involved but also contributes significantly to the field of wildlife management as a whole. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in academic cooperation and research advancement.