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Technician Certificate in Captive Wildlife Management and Taxidermy


This programme is designed to produce field operations wildlife management technicians, who will work in diverse wildlife management sectors including; government, NGOs, local communities, private companies and international agencies. In its development, the programme considered both national and international perspectives. It is designed to provide students with thorough understanding of the wildlife management sector and dual interdependence of in-situ and ex-situ wildlife management approaches. Hence, after completion of the course, graduates would have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to operate Captive Wildlife Management and Taxidermy initiatives in both private and public sectors.

Entry Requirements

Basic Technician Certificate (NTA Level 4) in Wildlife Management, Wildlife Tourism,Tourism Management,Tour Guiding Operations, Tourism Operations, Tourism Hunting,Beekeeping, Community-based Conservation, Forestry, Wildlife & Law Enforcement, Livestock Production, Fisheries, Agriculture Production, General Agriculture, Environment, Aquaculture Technology, Horticulture, Leather Technology,Animal Health & Production, Zoology and other tourism related field
Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination(ACSEE) with at least one Principal pass and one Subsidiary in the following Subjects; Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Mathematics, Agriculture, History, English, Computer,and Nutrition, Commerce and Economics

Duration: One Year

Mode: Full Time

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