Student hostel accommodation is available for about 334 students on a non shared and shared occupancy basis. Rooms are allocated to students on a first-come first-serve basis. For those who are not accommodated on campus, accommodation could be secured either in Moshi municipality (approximately 14 km from the College) or at Mweka and Sungu villages adjacent to the College. Public transport between Mweka and Moshi is not very reliable but students staying off campus can organize themselves and arrange for transport from Moshi on terms to be decided by a group of students and the owner of the transport facility.

Student Government

The College of African Wildlife Management Students Organization (CAWMSO) constitutes a structure through which students become ..

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Why study at CAWM

Modules are conducted in such a way that practical is given high priority with a focus in wildlife management. Some of our modules are dedicated to equip the students with... .

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