The College owns cafeteria that is operated by a private company.  Students can use this facility or use other facilities outside the College campus.

Students shall be responsible for administration of cafeteria services through CAWMSO. The students shall elect a Cafeteria Committee, which shall work with Cafeteria Service Providers on any matters relating to cafeteria services. Any complaints or suggestions regarding catering should be reported to Cafeteria Committee, and the cafeteria service provider. The Dean of Students and Contract Manager of the College shall act as a link between cafeteria service provider on matters relating to the contract between the service provider and the College.

The College shall neither be responsible for provision of food nor the effects of food taken by students on campus or out of campus.

It is strictly prohibited to use College dormitories for cooking. Therefore students are not allowed to keep any cooking facility in their rooms. The College shall undertake regular inspection in the dormitories to enforce this rule.  Any student found guilty shall receive a penalty that shall be determined by the College Management.


ONLINE APPLICATION (CLOSED)                              

FOR NEW APPLICANTS! Thank you for your interest to join in MWEKA. Currently, our application window is closed for admission in this academic year 2018/2019. Please check back again at our website for any updates. For any inquiries, you may contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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